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Painting & Plastering

Looking for quantity surveying services or take off price estimates for your painting and plastering requirements?

Online Measures is the perfect platform for businesses all over New Zealand to get simple, affordable and accurate take off measurements for your painting and plastering projects.

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If you offer cladding services, chances are you’ll spend a good deal of time just working the measure ups — especially if you’re a sole contractor or small business looking to save on overheads. 

But with Online Measures you don’t have to slave away evenings or get your partner to complete your project pricing for you.

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Landscape & Earthworks

Undertaking landscaping and/or earthwork projects requires getting all your ducks in a row, with an attractive bid and fast-paced deliverables. Online Measures is a quantity surveying platform that gives you accurate take off measures for your all your project requirements. Quote affordable rates and win more clients whilst delivering projects on time and budget.

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Steel measures

If you work with steel construction, chances are you’ll spend a good chunk of your time just completing itemised measure requirements. And if you’re looking to compete on price, the measures are the first pricing corner to cut.

Online Measures offers an affordable, fast alternative to project measures, so you can offer competitive pricing points whilst saving time and money on your projects.

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Brick & block

Creating a measure of your masonry work can be time consuming, depending on the complexity and number of projects you’re juggling at once. Finding a full-time QS is also a luxury you may not have the budget to consider.

Online Measures provides accurate brick and block take offs for your projects. Done completely online, all you need to do is submit your project and we’ll provide you with accurately priced measures you can show your clients.


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What people say about us

We’ve used Darryl from Onlinemeasures for 6 or so years now . Can’t fault their attention to detail with all our probably 100’s of measures from them. Very prompt with any questions we have and always a quick turnaround.
I’d highly recommend Onlinemeasures to anyone needing an accurate measure .
Daniel Parkyn
DJ Parkyn ltd

Darryl and the team at Online Measures have been providing me with take offs for commercial painting tenders for several years now. Service is great – competitive prices and prompt turnaround. The measures are extremely accurate accompanied by very clear mark up plans. I would thoroughly recommend Online Measures to other contractors looking to simplify and speed up the tender process.

John Stokes Painting Contractor
Painting Contractor Australia

Ive been using online measures for over 5 years now and I’ve never been let down.

It’s  always  a quick turn around on plans and always has been very accurate 100 percent ! great service and takes the stress out of quoting .

Ben Briggs
Owner of BTP Painting Contractors

A great service and great rates!!

Adam Barns
Sydney, Australia

I use Onlinemeasures for all my take off measures.A really good service.I’m now spending more time on the tools and less on the computer.

Aaron McDonald
Hi-End painting and plastering Ltd

We use Onlinemeasures on average 6-8 projects per month. Totally changed my business!!Now I’m pricing projects normally I’d never be capable of measuring. Very satisfying knowing my pricing is completely accurate. I wish Onlinemeasures was around years ago!!!

Tim ferren
SOAP decorating Ltd

Onlinemeasures is now part of my business structure. The new website is very good and easy to use.I highly recommend Onlinemeasures to anyone that wants a cheap,accurate and efficient measure.

Cameron Davis
Auckland, New Zealand

A great concept!! the amount of time I would normally spend to measure architectural houses I find its cheaper to give my jobs to Onlinemeasures

Andrew Palmer
Prestige painting and plastering Ltd

I am the company owner with a team of 6 decorators. I was recommended Onlinemeasures from a family friend.Truly the best service I have experienced in my 23 years in business, less time in the office and more time on the tools!!

J.L Stevens
Immaculate decorating Ltd

Onlinemeasures has changed my working life as now I have more time on the tools. I now feel very confidient when submitting quotations  that my price is 100% accurate which is something I have struggled with in the past.
Thanks onlinemeasures for the great work!

Patrick Mcbride
Melbourne, Australia

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