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Comprehensive take off measures for your construction needs, delivered with speed. We’re your online solution for accurate take off measures, covering painting, plastering, steel stud, earthworks, brick and block, landscaping, and much more!

Our Story and Values

From frustration to precision

Founded by a tradesman and a QS who shared the same frustration with project measures, Online Measures set out to revolutionise the tendering process. With 30 years of painting expertise, we understand the challenges painters face. Now, our team of 6 full-time QS’s serve clients across NZ and AU, offering a five day turnaround with all our project measures.





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About Online Measures
and our process

Who are Online Measures?

Online Measures is an online quantity surveying business offering great value and pay-per-use services that give you accurate take off measures for your painting, plastering and steel stud requirements. We’re online because it’s convenient and makes things more affordable. But the service you’re getting is delivered by real experts.

Getting your measure is so easy. We specifically cater for off-the-plan measurements, so most jobs will fit within one of our convenient packages. Then it’s just a matter of uploading plans and specifications with information about the requirement.

Simple processes, detailed outcomes

Each substrate is accurately measured and itemised in a detailed, yet self-explanatory formulated spreadsheet and sent back to you within 5 days. You then add your pricing and it’s automatically totalled for you at the bottom. There’s also the ability to add GST and any required trade or customer discount structure. For projects that are a little more complex and don’t have ready-made package solutions, give us a call to discuss your needs.

How do we make it so affordable? Because it’s very specific. You pay only for the QS services you as a painting or plastering business need, not all the extras. Plus, we’re online, reducing overheads to almost nil — savings we pass on to you.

Helping businesses

You don’t have to be a big player to benefit from our service. Helping small businesses achieve their goals was where it all started for us. In fact, you may not have the need or budget to retain a QS ongoing. Our service offers everything needed without the hefty price.

Our simple system and easy package solutions make it easier for you to accurately price more jobs. It saves time, helps project efficiencies and betters tender opportunities. It also ensures nothing is missed off your quote to the customer, eliminating the risk of costly surprises.

Real people, real experiences

Despite being an online business, there’s a team of qualified quantity surveyors behind the scenes at Online Measures. Experienced in the art of accurate take-off measures and equipped with the latest software, we work to ensure you get the kind of precise measurements that result in profitable jobs.

We’ve worked hands-on in the trade for years and know it inside out. When we started, we could see a need for an affordable and specialised measuring service, which is why we created Online Measures. It’s also why we’re confident that if you try us once, you’ll use us forever.


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Why us?

We provide our customers with value

At Online Measures, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with superior service. Working with integrity and accuracy the online measures team provides a take off measure service that not only saves your time, but also ensures an accurate result every time.

Fully qualified quantity surveyors

A quantity surveyor manages all costs relating to building and civil engineering projects, from the initial calculations to the final figures. They seek to minimise the costs of a project and enhance value for money, while still achieving the required standards and quality. This includes ensuring statutory building regulations are met.

Working as a QS

As a quantity surveyor, you could work for either the client or the contractor, in an office or on site. You will be involved in a project from the start, preparing estimates and costs of the work. When the project is in progress, you’ll keep track of any variations to the contract that may affect costs and create reports to show profitability.

Alternative job titles include construction cost consultant and commercial manager.

Got any further questions?

If you have any questions about working with us as a client, or ongoing quantity surveying work, reach out to our team. Visit the contact us page to find the nearest location to you. Our team and clients are international, meaning we work across the world and fit our services to meet individual country requirements.


What can you get from us ?

Steel measures

All steel and structural measures for buildings.

Painting / plastering

Comprehensive solutions for all walls, ceilings and partitions.


Specialised services for enhanced aesthetics and protection.

Landscapes / earthworks

Professional landscaping and earthworks.

Brick / block

Accurate measures for all masonry work.

Simple process, Detailed Outcome 

Convenience in the Planning

We provide measures that tell the whole story of your project and then itemise it within a formulated spreadsheet, which also allows you to add your pricing in automatically.

But what’s best about working with us is that, behind the process, there’s a human team delivering real value. So you’re not just paying for a ‘done and dusted’ system. If your project doesn’t fit the plan or requires out of the box thinking, our team QS will see to it that your project is itemised and priced as you need.


We’ve used Darryl from Onlinemeasures for 6 or so years now . Can’t fault their attention to detail with all our probably 100’s of measures from them. Very prompt with any questions we have and always a quick turnaround.
I’d highly recommend Onlinemeasures to anyone needing an accurate measure .
Daniel Parkyn
DJ Parkyn ltd

Darryl and the team at Online Measures have been providing me with take offs for commercial painting tenders for several years now. Service is great – competitive prices and prompt turnaround. The measures are extremely accurate accompanied by very clear mark up plans. I would thoroughly recommend Online Measures to other contractors looking to simplify and speed up the tender process.

John Stokes Painting Contractor
Painting Contractor Australia

Ive been using online measures for over 5 years now and I’ve never been let down.

It’s  always  a quick turn around on plans and always has been very accurate 100 percent ! great service and takes the stress out of quoting .

Ben Briggs
Owner of BTP Painting Contractors

A great service and great rates!!

Adam Barns
Sydney, Australia

I use Onlinemeasures for all my take off measures.A really good service.I’m now spending more time on the tools and less on the computer.

Aaron McDonald
Hi-End painting and plastering Ltd

We use Onlinemeasures on average 6-8 projects per month. Totally changed my business!!Now I’m pricing projects normally I’d never be capable of measuring. Very satisfying knowing my pricing is completely accurate. I wish Onlinemeasures was around years ago!!!

Tim ferren
SOAP decorating Ltd

Onlinemeasures is now part of my business structure. The new website is very good and easy to use.I highly recommend Onlinemeasures to anyone that wants a cheap,accurate and efficient measure.

Cameron Davis
Auckland, New Zealand

A great concept!! the amount of time I would normally spend to measure architectural houses I find its cheaper to give my jobs to Onlinemeasures

Andrew Palmer
Prestige painting and plastering Ltd

I am the company owner with a team of 6 decorators. I was recommended Onlinemeasures from a family friend.Truly the best service I have experienced in my 23 years in business, less time in the office and more time on the tools!!

J.L Stevens
Immaculate decorating Ltd

Onlinemeasures has changed my working life as now I have more time on the tools. I now feel very confidient when submitting quotations  that my price is 100% accurate which is something I have struggled with in the past.
Thanks onlinemeasures for the great work!

Patrick Mcbride
Melbourne, Australia


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