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We remain true to the same principles on which our company started and to where its grown, providing a superior service to our clients, helping the small businesses compete with the larger companies, creating opportunities for businesses to grow, delivering exceptional work. put you first, acting with integrity, we aim to strengthen the building and construction communities with our efficient, accurate measure service.


Looking for building and construction services in Christchurch, Auckland, New Zealand then look to providing its services across the globe.

Building and construction needs quality and quantity surveyors who can use their expertise in providing perfect sitemap plans. It is the most important part while building residential or commercial space and experts can be helpful in many ways which reduces the time and money and will give the best solution for your construction services.

Onlinemeasures originated in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is the cost effective and accurate take off measure solution for the building and construction industry. We cover all trades in the building and construction fields.

Our services includes an itemised take off measure i.e. rooms, bedrooms, offices etc . Each substrate is accurately measured in an easy to understand and formulated spreadsheet that you then add your pricing for each itemized area. Totaling at the bottom including the ability to add GST and any required trade or customer discount structure.

Onlinemeasures not only saves you time, it also ensures that none of the areas or the items can be missed off the quote, eliminating the costly surprises for both the customers and for your business.

With an amazing price plans starting from 220 NZD + GST, onlinemeasures provides a great value solution for detailed and accurate take off measures.

If you have unique requirement which you cannot find under our existing plans then need not to worry, contact us and we will provide a customized quotation for your unique building and construction requirement within 24 hours.

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